Elizabeth Esalen

CEO, The Lotus Collaborative & Luminous Healing Center

Dr Liz Esalen is the Founder and CEO of Luminous Trauma Center and The Lotus Collaborative, eating disorder recovery centers in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, California. Dr. Liz has dedicated her career to creating quality, heart-centered healing organizations that foster mind-body-soul reconnection and profound transformation. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a licensed psychologist with 12 years of organizational leadership and over 25 years of holistic clinical experience. Esalen's personal and professional mission is to inspire people to achieve a thriving life filled with health, love, vitality, and bliss. Over the last six years, Esalen's own transformational journey has involved conscious and ecstatic dance, restoring optimal health after trauma and autoimmunity, training in MAPS' MDMA-assisted therapy, Internal Family Systems, the enneagram, gender diversity, racial and gender equity, and shamanic energy medicine. At Luminous Healing Center, Esalen's work is at the forefront of her field, offering new and progressive evidence-based treatments for psychological trauma, PTSD, and mind-body anxiety. Dr. Liz has a passion for leading shamanic dance journeys and feminine leadership at various retreats around the world and plans to launch Inspired Bliss retreats in Kauai this year. Find out more at www.ElevatedBlissFactor.com.

At Wisdom 2.0 2020, Esalen's expansive and collaborative approach to transformative mental and physical health care will be offered in two unique sessions. In What Heals? The Power of Psychotherapy, Shamanism, & Psychedelics, Esalen will bring together MAPS founder and director, Rick Doblin, medical anthropologist and shaman Alberto Villoldo, and Dick Schwartz, the creator of Internal Family Systems, to discuss new directions and healing modalities in what helps people heal. In Moving Bliss: Dancing the Hero Within, Esalen will bring Wisdom 2.0 attendees together through the Hero Within Dance Movement Journey to discover blocks held in the body, to move what holds us back, and connect with our inner sage, magician, healer and hero/ine.

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