Jenée Johnson

Program Innovation Leader, Mindfulness, Trauma and Racial Healing

Jenée Johnson, Program Innovation Leader, Mindfulness, Trauma and Racial Healing, leads the unique effort to bring mindfulness into public health practices and programs though the Trauma Informed Systems of Care Initiative in San Francisco. Her goal is to improve the organization’s ability to manage change, stay resilient, inspire growth and become a mindful culture.

Her work is featured as the cover story in the October, 2019 issue of Mindful Magazine. And she was recently recognized by her peers as a Powerful Woman in the Mindfulness Movement. Jenée is the founder of The Right Within Experience, an experiential mindfulness program that reclaims humanity, joy and wellbeing for Black people through mindfulness practices. These are the human rights and exalted emotions that are eroded in Black lives through the consistent exposure to the trauma of racism. The Right Within Experience expands the scope of mindful practice to acknowledge its ancient African origins and increase access and relevance to people of African ancestry.

Jenée Johnson is a certified professional co-active coach and certified by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute to teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence. She is trauma trainer, Emotional Emancipation Circles Facilitator (Association of Black Psychologists) and certified to teach Femme! A meditative movement and wellness modality for women. She is a coach and consultant with Sankofa Holistic Counseling Services in the Oakland.

“Now make the body still. Meditate that you may know the truth.” Ancient Khemetic Saying

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