Yizhao Zhang

Search Inside Yourself Teacher

Yizhao has been managing and teaching wellness and mindfulness programs internationally for the past six years. As a native from China and a citizen of the world, Yizhao has travelled to over 50 countries to learn from wisdom traditions and worked in global fortune 500 companies in Europe and Asia. Yizhao has over 10 years of corporate consulting experience in human resources with an expertise in well-being.

Yizhao’s last position at Google enabled her to focus on benefits and well-being programs across 13 Asian countries and teach neuroscience based mindfulness and emotional intelligent courses at Google offices globally. Yizhao has also led a mindfulness gPause community to make fellow Google employees happy, healthy, and productive.
Yizhao currently lives in the happiness kingdom of Bhutan, working with the government to share mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs with 28,000 civil servants across all 10 ministries and 40 agencies. 

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