Jose Egurbide

Assistant Chief of Criminal and Special Litigation Branch, LA City Attorney’s Office

Jose A. Egurbide is currently the Assistant to the Chief of the Criminal and Special Litigation Branch at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. The LA City Attorney’s Office is the second largest municipal law firm in the Country. Prior to that, Jose supervised the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Neighborhood Justice Program (NJP). Since 2014, Jose has led NJP’s planning, implementation and expansion, helping to make NJP a first-of-its-kind Restorative Justice-based alternative prosecution model at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.
NJP is a pre-filing diversion approach that utilizes a Restorative Justice Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) model to successfully divert first-time, non-violent misdemeanor offenders away from the Criminal Justice system before any criminal charges are ever filed. Eligible participants are offered a chance to take full responsibility for their actions, repair any harm they caused their victims and/or the community, and receive services aimed at addressing dynamic risk factors. This balanced and restorative approach results in measurable reductions in offender recidivism rates.
Jose's professional experience includes a 23-year career as a public prosecutor with the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, including numerous neighborhood empowerment/revitalization projects. Jose supervised the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program from 2001-2006. From 2006-2009, Jose also collaborated with LAPD consultant, criminologist/social scientist George Kelling to develop a blueprint for the Skid Row Safer City Initiative (SCI), a multi-agency enforcement, enhancement and outreach effort within the one-square-mile area in downtown Los Angeles best-known for containing the largest homeless population in the US. While spearheading SCI, Jose developed a homeless diversion model called Project HALO (Homeless Alternatives to Living On the street) and assisted in uncovering and prosecuting a massive homeless patient dumping scheme (subsequently featured in a 2007 60 Minutes Investigative Report entitled “Dumped on Skid Row”). The ensuing civil enforcement actions against several large hospital chains resulted in the payment of millions of dollars in civil penalties and more stringent regulations, including independent monitoring.
Jose is a graduate of Yale University. He received his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law, where he was a published member and Note and Comment Editor for the Pepperdine Law Review. Jose has been a guest panelist and keynote speaker at numerous community justice conferences throughout the United States and regularly consults with other cities/municipalities looking to replicate NJP’s success in their own jurisdictions. Jose is also a certified mediator and currently teaches Restorative Justice at Pepperdine Law School’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. 

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