Manny Yekutiel

Founder, Manny’s

Manny Yekutiel is originally from Los Angeles, California and first moved to San Francisco in 2010 where he spent a summer raising money on street corners as a canvasser for Equality California.

After graduating with a political science degree from Williams College in 2011 Manny was a White House Intern in the Office of Public Engagement. He then spent 12 months traveling to England, India, Australia, China, Singapore and Brazil on a Thomas Watson Fellowship studying the LGBT rights movements underway in each country.

After moving back to the United States Manny joined President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign as a field organizer in north-western New Hampshire. After the President won his re-election Manny moved back to San Francisco in November 2012. He became chief of staff of, an immigrant reform advocacy group, a role which earned him the honor of being named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in law and policy in 2015, and then joined the finance team for Secretary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign.

In December 2016 Manny decided to build a physical civic gathering space called Manny’s which combined a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, political bookstore, and civic events space. The purpose of the space is to create a physical place to go to become a better informed and more involved citizen. In its first year Manny’s was awarded Small Business of the Year by the California State Senate and has been featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. It has served over 55,000 cups of coffee and tea, hosted over 400 civic events for the community, including for over 100 local non-profits and advocacy groups, and has had 16 formerly homeless or incarcerate individuals graduated from the training kitchen run by Farming Hope who now have full time jobs. 

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