Joe Green

Chairman and Co-founder, Treehouse

Joe Green is the chairman and co-founder of Treehouse, which builds co-living communities in Los Angeles. Treehouse’s mission is to create homes that foster authentic connection and supportive relationships. In addition to his work at Treehouse, Joe is also the co-founder and President of The Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative (PSFC). PSFC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports research on and clinical trials of physician-prescribed psychedelic medicines and patient access to these treatments.

Joe is a social entrepreneur who has spent his career addressing significant challenges by marrying technology with community organizing. Joe co-founded Causes, which empowered more than 100 million people to make an impact; NationBuilder, a leading software provider for organizers; and, which has mobilized the tech community around immigration and criminal justice reform.

Joe’s passion for fostering community was sparked in college, when he took a class on community organizing by Marshall Ganz, and after college, found himself doing just that: working on John Kerry’s presidential campaign from a rural town in Arizona, organizing the community and managing volunteers. This experience shaped how he views and values community, and he applied this to a community that has since influenced him in a powerful way. After many trips to Israel to study meditation, he organized his first silent meditation retreat. What began as a week-long retreat evolved into an annual tradition and a community of practice focused on Jewish meditation. Building this tribe, and the beauty he has found within it, lies at the core of why he excited to help create Treehouse – for within a strong, purposeful community is a place that people as individuals and as a group can find balance, peace, and strength.

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