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Dolores Bernardo

Leadership and Team Development Leader

Dolores has been working with people and organizations for 20 years as a people development leader, diversity and inclusion advocate, and management & leadership development consultant & coach. Dolores’ professional life has ranged from leadership positions at Airbnb and Google developing managers and leaders to positions in nonprofits and serving on nonprofit and government boards. She’s particularly passionate about transforming managers into high-performing, compassionate leaders.

While at Google she led the global manager development team whose team mission was for every Googler to have a great manager. Prior to that, Dolores was Director, Western Region for Catalyst, a nonprofit that works to advance women in the workplace. While working in diversity and inclusion, Dolores discovered that leadership commitment was one of the strongest contributors to organizations that had more gender diversity. This inspired her to pursue a career in leadership development.

Dolores’ coaching style is what she describes as a mixture of “real talk”, deep listening, and whole person development. She strives to push people beyond their comfort zone while simultaneously providing a supporting and trusting environment for them to take the risks needed to grow and scale their teams.

A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Dolores was awarded the Holly Taylor Sargent award for her work to advance women at the Harvard Kennedy School. Dolores serves on several boards and advises on diversity, belonging and inclusion research, programs and policies.

She’s a mother of two young children. You can frequently find her volunteering on the school’s social-emotional task force where she enjoys teaching mindfulness to parents, teachers and students. She is grateful to her teacher Chade Meng Tan for including her as a teacher of Search Inside Yourself while at Google. 

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