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Christine Barrington

I love to celebrate people!

My greatest joy is the unleashing of brilliance, both individually and collectively, through the Presencing of Life force. If I succeed in authentically receiving and emanating the creative energies that whisper lovingly to the heart and call forth our highest capacities, then I am in heaven.

Over my decades of walking this earth, I have made three continents my home and had thrilling opportunities to communicate with, and connect to, large numbers of people. Besides being the W2.0 emcee for six years running, it has been great fun being an NPR news broadcaster in the Midwest, an opera singer in the cathedrals and theaters of Europe, and an unofficial ombudsman of human spirit while crisscrossing amazing Asia. (I once sang with a local Elvis fan outside ancient temple grounds in rebel-held Burma!)

Today, I fulfill my passion for celebrating people through being a workshop facilitator, psychotherapist, and breath work guide, leading people to inner dimensions where our greatest treasure waits to be discovered.

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with a loving husband and four cats, where I garden obsessively and host many community gatherings that support the awakening of the human spirit. Come join me sometime!  

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