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Steve Levin

Founder, Leading Change Consulting & Coaching

Steve Levin thrives on Powerful Conversations.

As an Executive Coach, he challenges leaders to address tough business and personal issues with courage, clarity and authenticity.

As a Mentor and Trainer, he teaches professional coaches and change agents to engage their clients more deeply. He shows them how to disrupt habitual thinking and to elicit breakthroughs in thought and action.

His formal background includes a B.A. (summa cum laude) and M.A. in Organizational Behavior from Yale University. He is a Master Certified Coach (highest designation by the International Coach Federation.)

His business experience comes from managing a $100M business and his work in product marketing, organization development, team facilitation, strategic thinking, and coaching.

His personal development training includes voice dialogue, shadow work, conflict resolution, non-violent communication, The Work, and compassion practices.

Most importantly, he is as happy as a leaping dolphin to work with clients and colleagues. “It is great fun to listen deeply, tune into your cares and concerns, and offer whatever I can to challenge and support you. 

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