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Simon Crawford-Ash

CFO, Stilmark Group & Meditation Teacher

Simon advises fast growing companies on how to make outrageously good decisions at scale.

He started his career as an actuary, but after deciding he wanted more in life than just probability theory, joined one of Australia's leading strategy consulting firms. While leading $1bn transformation project across Europe, he learnt two things:

1. All business growth comes from people making good decisions
2. Lots of smart people, with the right information, make bad decisions


Not wanting to fall into the same trap, he spent a decade figuring out how to consistently make good decisions. This took him to both the heights of business advisory and depths of self-reflection.

Applying what he learnt, Simon became the youngest ever Associate Principle (trainee partner) at his firm, founded his own consultancy, became a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and ran immersive courses on what all these experiences teach us about decision making.

The key: knowing your subconscious mind.

Join Simon for his Saturday morning workshop on outrageously good decision making, or be notified about his forthcoming book, Growth, at simoncrawfordash.com. 

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