The Shift:

A Day-Long Workshop Exploring Aligning with our Life Purpose

Led by Soren Gordhamer, founder Wisdom 2.0, and friends.

There is a new movement that is emerging collectively in our society and individually in each of our lives toward alignment with something bigger than ourselves. We are each being called in a way to participate and bring our gifts to the world. As such, more and more people are in some sort of shift. Something inside them is calling for their attention. This could mean a new job or career, or simply a new approach to the work you are doing. This day will be a time to tune in, listen, and connect with others in this process of listening to what is seeking our attention.

We can often notice the difference between people who are aligned with ‘the flow’ versus those who approach their lives from fear and control.  When we do connect with what is most alive, there is a spark, a force difficult to describe in words. 

In this day, we will explore:

We will explore listening to what life is calling in each of us, and ways this may take shape in our lives. Those in transition or working to birth new projects may find this particularly useful. We will engage with others in a similar provess to see if we can support this emerging in one another.

When: May 2nd, 2015 • 10am-5pm (reception from 5-7pm)
Where: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco

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